Public Pickups - Bianka

All bitches do love money. And this one is not exclusion! She has got paid by a pickuper and now will have to please him in all the possible ways.

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Public Pickups - Sandra

This was supposed to be a usual car driving. But our babe was accompanied by a dude, who is master of pickup. So he managed to seduce and fuck her.

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Public Pickups - Janica

Innocent babe turns out to be not that simple when she sees the money. And after that professional pickup she gets naked and then passionately fucked!

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Public Pickups - Gianna

After pickup lesson was over our dude has decided to pay that babe for having sex with him. And guess what? That has actually worked out for him!

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Public Pickups - Sunshine

If you wannna know how pickup really looks like, then take a look as our dude manages to seduce such a sexy and fascinating babe and bangs her cunt!

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Barra Brass – Coat Check Cunt

Public Pickups - Barra Brass – Coat Check Cunt

I was hitting the clubs the other night when I met Barra. She was working the coat check room and pretty pissed that she wasn’t out front dancing. With a little charm and a lot of money I convinced her that we could have our own party. The only thing tighter than the coat check room was her hot little asshole. Hot public pickups.

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Monika – Do You Want To Model?

Public Pickups - Monika – Do You Want To Model?

I was taking a walk when I crossed paths with Monika. She had a smoking little body and a face I couldn’t wait to bust a load on. She had dreams of modeling and I was more than happy to offer her a little casting session.

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Katarina – Historical Hookup

Public Pickups - Katarina – Historical Hookup

I was doing a little “location” scouting today and came across Kristine. She was enjoying the historical sights and I was enjoying the sight of her body. She had an interest in acting and I had an interest in fucking…needless to say we both got what we wanted.

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Candy – Not So Silent Library

Public Pickups - Candy – Not So Silent Library

I went to the library today looking for a little action…I walked around for a little while and there was Candy…she looked so cute with her glasses on pouring over her books. There’s just something sexy about a smart girl getting dirty.

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Mea – Best Train Ride Ever

Public Pickups - Mea – Best Train Ride Ever

I was taking the train today to see some friends and came across this hot chick Mea. She was on her way home from college for the weekend. Public pickups. We got to talking and I found out that she was saving up to buy her own horse…she was still a long way off so I made her an offer that she couldn’t refuse. She would get her horse if I could ride her for a while.

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